Frequently Asked Questions

No it’s not. All our chemical used for residential and offices are totally safe, odorless and stainless. Only harmful to the targetted pests.

Inspection & treatments will generally take about 1 hour or less for a standard house

Pest Control Industry cannot give guarantee of no more pests after treatment (because these are living organism), but we can guarantee our quality and professionalism of work; and also our commitment towards solving a problem.
  • For cockroaches and ants; it will generally be residual spraying and gel baiting (depending of species & location found).
  • For rats, it will be non-toxic rat glue boards for internal and poison baiting externally (if safe to apply)
  • Treatment will be inspection and installation of the Termite Baits at ACTIVE infestation spots 
  • Follow-up checks will be done every 2 weeks and additional baits may be installed if needed (no extra costs)
  • Follw-up checks will continue until termite colony is eliminated (usually within 2-3 months)
  • The objective of Termite Baiting is to feed the worker termties with the bait and use their natural behaviour of food sharing, grooming and moulting to eradicate the whole colony
  • Small holes will be drilled along the ground floor wall perimeter and each holes at 1.5 to 2 feet apart
  • Termiticide will be injected into each hole and holes are patch back with cement

Treatment will be odorless residual spraying, gel baiting (if necessary) and Ultra Low Volume (ULV) misting to the entire house

After the ULV misting, the place must be vacated for at least 4 hours

  • Direct spraying with odorless chemical onto the infested mattress corners, overturned bed frames, joints, corners & edges, floor corners, switches, plug points, etc.
  • Follow-up treatment will be done about 3-4 days later
  • After spraying, leave dry and can reuse the bed and room the same night
  • We will spray at all frequently touch points such as door knobs, handle, rails, switches, lift buttons, table, chairs, sink taps, etc
  • After that, we will do aerial Ultra Low Volume Misting to the entire space to cover the ceiling to floor and everything in between
  • After treatment, the place must be vacated for at least 2 hours
  • We use Sodium Hypochorite solution which is water based. As recommended by KKM
  • Effective working time is around 5 minutes upon contact and proven to kill 99.999% of viruses and bacteria

Some treatment does not need preparations but some does. Preparations may defer depending on type of treatments, pest issue and many other factors

It’s best to call us at 012-3960681 for the advice

Our packages are designed for different type of pest situation and size of property. If you’re not sure what suits you, do call us at 012-3960681 for help.

Yes, we do have different programs for commercial such as restaurants, schools, clinics, offices, retails, condominiums, construction sites and industrial properties too

You can call/whasapp us at 012-3960681 to enquire about them

Mosquito treatment method and scope depends on surrounding condition and safety factors, hence it cannot have a standard package.

We will need to conduct a site visit first to determine those factors before proposing a mosquito solution. Call us at 012-3960681 for an appointment.

Yes we do treat some other insects/pests on ad-hoc basis. Please do call us at 012-3960681 to find out more.

Enjoy your homepest-free

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Enjoy your home pest-free

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