Why “DIY”? Well, simple. A pest control operator does monthly or at most weekly services; but pests comes out daily! How is the outsourcing of pest control program going to be effective in the long run? If you’re seriously looking to improve on your businesses’ pest management and hygiene aspects; you should consider talking to us.

What are the challenges your business meets when managing pests? Here are some examples:-

  • Never ending and non-reducing pest infestation
  • Not effective treatment methods
  • Complacency of applicator
  • No innovative products or treatment approach
  • Slow responds to a major pest outbreak
  • Slow responds to a major pest outbreak

We are here to help businesses create their own in-house pest control management program. Benefits are:-

  • To achieve consistent effective & sustainable results
  • To have better control of the IPM program
  • Higher degree of accountability and responsibility
  • Have access to wider range of methodology & products
  • Financial savings in long run
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