It’s tough being a medical doctor, but it has it’s perks. It’s also tough being a pest controller, but it…..also has it’s “upsides”

This cheeky comparison is just a to poke fun at us Pest Control Service Provider.…who are like Medical Doctors in some way;  – we consult, diagnose, prescribe, dispense treatment and much more…. but earn way mush lesser 🙁

Provides FREE consultations & advices at your doorstep.Some common advice a Pest Consultant might dispense are common sense such as – “maintain good housekeeping”; “do no keep boxes or wood in the storeroom and edges”; “repair any water leaks”; etc … don’t have to pay me to know what you already knew..:)Charge for consultations & advice (at their doorstep, higher if housecalls…)Some common advice a Medical Consultant may give are – “eat more fruits and drink more water”; “don’t smoke”; “exercise more”; etc…..for all these advice (which you actually already knew), you may have to pay for it… hmm?
Only charge for treatments done, either on ad-hoc basis or on contractual terms. (provide free call back services summore if under contract basis)Charge for every prescription/medicine given and follow up checks (and does not guarantee you’ll be cured or not fall ill again!)
For critical infestation such as termites attack and damages; it may require intensive treatment (which cost slightly more, but problem must be solved and must come with longer warranty period summore…)The downside is no Insurance covers for termite damage….For critical illness, it may require major surgery or more medication (usually costs very high….but still don’t give any warranty you’ll be cured)The best part is sometimes you can claim insurance (if you’re insured of course)
Even if a premises is very well maintained – clean, have a regular pest professional service under contract (remember….with free call back services)….pest somehow will still be there…but under contract mah…so must re-treat FREE lorEven if you live a very healthy lifestyle, balance diet, exercise, regular medical check-ups, take supplements….you may still fall ill and if you go see a doctor; you pay lor. Where got free medicine or MC??

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