This is the traditional service all pest control company does, and of course we also do this. We treat most common pests with combination of pest knowledge, application skills and right products

Refers to the understanding of the pest’s biology, behaviour and habitat. So we know where, how, when and how often to treat. To win a “battle” it is always advantages to know your “enemy”.

Refer to application methods. Having the “best weapon” is nothing if one does not use it correctly. Applying pest control pesticides can be complex and it’s all based on the areas to treat, infestation level and pest species. I.e. to use Fan Spraying or Direct C&C Spray? Where to place baits or traps?, to Fog or Mist or sprinkle for mosquitoes?, what’s the ideal dosage of chemical mixture, etc…

Refers to the correct insecticide, rodenticide or termiticide; the correct formulation (SC, EC or WP) and Active ingredient (A.I). The correct equipment or tools to dispense chemicals are important too.

However, before we proceed to do any treatment, we always seek to understand your problem first and your expectations as well. Talk to us, we believe we will be able to provide you the ideal solutions that suit your budget and requirements.

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