The Pest Control industry started more than a decade ago and it’s application and methodology has evolve many times inline with technology advancements, ecological and environment concerns, local & global legislation, evolving pests species and cities urban/rural development. With these constant changes, consumers need to be also regularly updated and “educated” on the effects and expectations of pest control treatments. Here I share with you 10 common misconception the  public/consumers has that I will try to explain and enlighten.

  1. Ants only eat sweet/sugary food  –  This is definitely false. Of course ants do eat sweet stuffs, but its not the taste they are after, but they eat because they need the nutrients. Ants require nutrients like protein, fats and carbohydrate, therefore they will consume about anything (even meat) that provides those nutrients.
  2. Pest Control treatment is very hazardous, I need to leave the house while treatment – This statement may be true perhaps in the 50’s or 60’s, but technology as advanced and so has the Health & Safety regulations. So most pest control chemical used for urban pest control are pretty safe for the applicator & consumers, and also some pesticides are now very pest/insect specific, so it doesn’t harm other insects or animals at all.
  3. I have regular pest controller spraying my property, I should not have any pest at all – This is akin to saying you have regular medical check ups & live healthily, so you should never fall ill. Pest are living organism that breeds & travels, so no matter how often you spray, you can never guarantee it wont come to your property. Some pests do not breed in your property but they travel either by flight, crawl or brought in accidentally by human.
  4. My house is new & clean; I should not have termites – Well, we all wish that don’t we; but too bad. Termites infest a home because they want to cellulose content materials ( wooden cabinets, books, doorframes, etc), so as long as you have such materials, they will come regardless its new or old, clean or filthy.
  5. My neighbor just did pest control spraying, that’s why the pests moved to my house – If this statement were true, it’ll be good news for pest controller 🙂 Pest treatment this days are to eradicate the pests and not repel them away, therefore it’s more likely a treatment may benefit the neighbor instead.
  6. I live on high floor of  a condominium, I will not have termites issue –  Termites has been infesting many high rise property and I personally has seen it on the 30th floor before. When termites move so high up from ground level, they build aerial sub-nest along the way, so there’s no need to travel so far back to the ground.
  7. I can buy those ultrasound repellent or those pesticides off the shelves & DIY –  Yes indeed you can, but if those products works so well effectively and consistently ; all pest controller will be out of work by now but…You will still need professional help if the infestation is pretty bad and all else DIY fails. In most cases you would have wasted money & time.
  8. The house has been treated for termites before, why is there now termites infestation – Of course there’s possibility of termites infestation even to “treated” property. There’s is currently just no “Full-proof” treatment that can guarantees no future infestation. All current method of treatments has it’s limitations. That’s why all Pest Controllers only gives limited warranty and should there be infestation within the warranty period, they will retreat FOC.
  9. I want a pest control treatment that kills all insects in my house – This expectation is almost impossible to fulfill, as insects has so many types and forms. So their habitat, life-cycle, behavior, food preference, etc differs. There’s no One chemical and One method of treatment that can kill all.  Just like medicine, no one pill can cure all.
  10. My bed and mattress is new, how come I have bed bugs – Bed bugs infestation does has no link to new or old beds, but the fact you have bed bugs infestation is because it is brought in by human through clothing or luggage. You may have been to another place that has the infestation without you knowing and accidentally brought it home.

There are so many more myths or misinterpreted statements that are going on out there..and it is our duty as Professional Pest Controller to educate, inform and update the public the correct facts. We in Blueleafs Pest Control do not ‘hard sell’ our pest control solutions, we state the truth and facts and let the customer decides.

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